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Red Bull Battle Grounds Dota 2 began with 20 teams broken into 4-Team regional groups.

Five teams rose above their regional opponents, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. From these five Contenders, only two passed the test to compete on the Red Bull Battle Grounds stage.

Team Malaysia stomped through their SEA Region opponents despite RAVE contesting their Group Finals.

Invictus Gaming reigned supreme over LGD to represent CN, even after iG was knocked into the lower bracket by the very same team.

HellRaisers have shown the world they’re not to be overlooked by taking down Na’Vi in the CIS/RU Finals.

Team Secret dominated EU with a clean sweep straight to the Playoffs over Cloud 9.

Summer’s Rift is the AM Champion after a narrow revenge-victory against ROOT Gaming.

In Santa Monica, CA on May 5 & 6, five teams came prepared for two grueling days of competition; only two would survive.

In the playoffs, fan favorites and overdogs Invictus Gaming and Team Secret powered through to earn entry to The Warfield Theater.

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Diagram of the tournament structure

The Teams


Diagram of tournament bracket


Grand Finals

May 10th, 2015

Pre-Show 12:30 PM PDT
All-Star Match 1:00 PM PDT
Grand Finals 2:30 PM PDT

2015 Event Schedule

Twenty invited professional teams, representing the best of the best from five regions around the world: Commonwealth of Independent States, Americas, Europe, South East Asia and China, will play in group qualifiers for a single spot in the 5-team playoffs.

The 5-teams emerging in this global showdown will advance to the playoffs at the Red Bull eSports Studio on May 5th in Santa Monica, CA to represent their region. Each team has three lives and take turns selecting an opponent. One loss equals one life lost and a win means you get to keep your life and earn $1500 per life taken from other teams. Each team can has the opportunity to redirect only one challenge, so they better use it wisely.

Play continues until only two teams have lives left and those two teams will be finalists playing on stage at the Warfield for the Grand Finals on May 10th featuring an all-star match where our last two undefeated LAN players get to pick and play with their favorite players.

April 6 at 1 AM PDT Southeast Asia Group Stage
April 12 at 11 PM PDT China Stage
April 16 at 6 AM PDT Russia/CIS Stage
April 17 at 7 AM PDT European Union Stage
April 28 at 2 PM PDT North America Group Stage
May 5 at 12 PM PDT Playoffs Day 1
May 6 at 12 PM PDT Playoffs Day 2
May 10 at 12 PM PDT Grand Final - San Francisco

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